AIRSAT constellation

We are planning our constellation of earth observation satellites. Mostly SAR satellites with performance as:

  • Test satellite: Qilu-1 and Qilu-4 has been launched in 2021-2022. In commercial service now.
  • AIRSAT-01 and AIRSAT-02 is scheduled to be launched by Q4 2023.
  • AIRSAT-03 and AIRSAT-04 is scheduled to be launched by Q1 2024.
  • AIRSAT-05 is scheduled to be launched in Q3 2025.
  • Other satellites in the constellation is to be planned.
  • The system will be completed in 2027.
  • 40+ operational satellites with a system
  • All-day, all-weather data acquisition capability
  • Resolution 0.5 meters
  • Maximum swath 120km
  • Hourly revisit

With the help of our service station across the globe:

We can provide our customers commercial earth surface monitoring data service in visible light camera and SAR. Not limited by our own constellation, we can provide wide range of data from 100+ satellites.